Vegan AF T-shirt Design by VeganDawn

VEGAN AF T-shirt by VeganDawn Design Review.

VEGAN AF tee design is the words "Vegan AF" stylized as a plant in a retro baseball sports team font.
The concept of this design is showing the power of a plant based lifestyle while being ethical. There really is not much to say about this concept or the artwork. It is as simple and straightforward as a tee of this type can get. Art, message, and all.
As for the artwork it is based off retro sports team logos. Team Vegan is the same design which this one is based on without the AF. Also by VeganDawn. Firstly, it has a plant with green stem and a green leaf. Secondly, the thread through needle eye effect is the main nod to the retro baseball theme as is the font itself. Thirdly, The AF letter on the VEGAN emphasizing how committed one is to the lifestyle. Lastly, this is bold way of supporting the cause in a non-pushy way. Personally, I love this shirt and what it really means to me. I got the black t-shirt because everyone looks good in black. True animal lovers and will also love this design.
This T-Shirt is a wonderful gift to give to dedicated vegans.
As for the print, It turned out great as always from Neatoshop. I cannot recommended them enough.

VEGAN AF T-shirt Design by VeganDawn.

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