Vintage Pines Eagles Mountain Tee Design by Somzee.

Vintage Pines Eagles Mountain Tee Design Review.

The Vintage Pines Eagles Mountain tee design features a segmented view of eagles soaring high above some tall pines and towering mountains.

The concept is very Bob Ross-like. For starters, there is this realistic and very beautiful mountainscape that is just majestic. As well as numerous pine trees all over the place. Next there is this somewhat hazy but bright sky not the typical boring blue sky that is in most nature designs. Finally, there are some eagles flying about adding to overall feeling of being one with nature.

As for the artwork, the style and colors just blow me away. Awesome tones all the way through with the Greens and Yellows. Most noteworthy, is how those apply to the atmospheric perspective. Top that off with the clever use of segmented frames created by the color of the tee.

As for the print and the price, this design scored higher than normal. Because the print turned out flawless. This is way better than their average, thus making it well worth the price-tag. Most of the time the DBH prints get 3.5 stars, but with this particular color set this design was matched perfectly. The thumbnail matches the actual print. Hence, the price rating also gets a boost for this design. On account that you are getting exactly what you'd expect to get based on the mock ups. Please note, that my photos do not do this print justice with the lighting, flash, and all. I am trying out different home studio locations.

Vintage Pines Eagles Mountain Tee Design By Somzee.

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Baseball Tee, Phones Cases, Art Prints. Many color choices are available depending on what style is chosen. The review breakdown is as follows:

Tshirt Designer Interview Questions

  • How did you get started in T-shirt Designing and what was your first design?
  • Any advice for aspiring designers?
  • Any highlights in your career such as prestigious awards, mentions, and recognition?
  • Do you have any rivalries friendly or not? If so with who?
  • Are you a dog person or a cat person?
  • Do you have any other skills or talents besides art?
  • Do you look up to any one in the T-shirt Biz?
  • If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
  • If you could have one superpower what would it be?
  • What would be your mandatory weakness in respect to the one superpower?
  • If you could keep one thing about the world what would it be?
  • If you have the ability to bring back any T.V. Show with fresh episodes but only one, what would it be?
  • Marvel or DC or Other?
  • What are your favorite fandoms?
  • What Are Your Inspirations?
  • What is your favorite accredited charity?
  • What software do you use for making designs? Any drawing tablets?
  • Would like to shout out to other artists?
Thank you for the interview.

TShirt Laundry Tee Brand Review.

TShirt Laundry Tee Brand Screen Shot

TShirt Laundry Tee Brand is one of the leading Pop Culture themed T-Shirt brands on the internet. Their stuff can be seen on all sorts of media such as Television, Magazines, and various websites. They tend to focus on the really strong fandoms such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Firefly, Breaking Bad, Friday etc. They also have random design like the Sleigher shirt shown above. They have some of the funniest designs out there.

As for Print Quality, the prints are nice and do not wash out after the first wash like some brands do. They even print Red with no muting unlike most of the DTG brands out there. They use the Gildan brand of shirt blanks which are on par with say Hanes and Fruit of The Loom as far as what to expect especially where comfort is a concern. J-America is the brand of blanks for the hoodies. They are both made to last.

As for the sizing, you need to contact them if you want larger than 2XL. But they do offer it. Therefore, I changed the review from 4.5 to 5 stars because they do meet this demand. However, they still do not offer kid sizes.

TShirt Laundry Interview:

How did Tshirt Laundry Tee Brand get started and what is your brand all about? · Tshirt Laundry is the brainchild of a tiny marketing firm outside of Chicago. We got our start in 2009, and have been creating and having fun ever since. Our brand is essentially for all the weirdos out there! We love designing shirts inspired by our favorite video games, movies, TV shows, and whatever’s going on in the world. We love all things geeky and weird! What are the Tshirt Laundry ideals? · Tshirt Laundry believes in the highest quality illustrations on the highest quality tees. We hope to represent our fellow geeks & weirdos with our designs, and to create shirts that you love to wear! Who designs the tees? · As far as brainstorming new ideas, the whole team works together to come up with t-shirt concepts. After that, we have a few designers on staff who bring all of our creative and funny ideas to life. What inspires the tees? · Here at Tshirt Laundry, we’re incredibly inspired by pop culture, and certainly all things “geeky”. We’re fans of a huge variety of TV shows, video games, and movies – and they definitely inspire our designs. We’re also huge fans of puns – sorry not sorry! How would you classify the tees? · We would describe our tees as geeky, gamer, funny, and pop culture shirts. We’re all about the puns, and making our fans laugh – so we strive to do that with a lot of our shirts.

TShirt Laundry Tee Brand.

The review breakdown of their DTG Printed products are as follows:

Surprise Attack Shirt Design by Alchemist.

Surprise Attack Shirt Design Review.

The Surprise Attack shirt design is for the people into nature, and wolves.

The concept for the Surprise Attack Shirt is simply to show a pack of wolves backed by the Northern Lights. Other than that obvious observation, there isn't much to go on. The artwork is where real story lies.

As for the artwork, it's style is different, "messy" is the word that I'd use to describe it. Therefore, it is a bit different than the rest of shirts reviewed here. For instance, the style makes the wolves seem more like spirits or apparitions rather than actual flesh, Fur, and blood. Even though they are not spirits. It is due to the way that they are reflecting the Northen Lights. Also, the colors being what I would describe as neon Teal and Pink are an extremely unusual combination that aside from some 80's throwbacks you do not see too often in other themes. with that stated, there is an odd beauty that possesses this piece. Those colors do fall out of gamut for the final print but the effects are the same.

As for the Print, we went with a hoodie as we felt that this design deserved a large print. It is extremely muted and washed out compared to the DBH thumbnail of the design. At least for the Pinks and Teals. This time it is the fault of the designer and not DBH. As the designer chose colors that are on the RGB scale but not the CMYK scale which fall out of gamut. Therefore, we cannot recommend this cool design for apparel as a result. The Hoodie is comfy and cozy. As for tees it would print the same muted colors. Design By Humans Still offers plenty of attractive and printable designs to choose instead.

Surprise Attack Shirt Design By Alchemist.

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Baseball Tee, Phones Cases, Art Prints. Black and Navy are the fabric color choices available for the Hoodie which are appropriate but Charcoal and other night-like colors would also be nice. Slate Blue is also available for the tees. The review breakdown is as follows:

Till My Last Breath Shirt Design by EnchantedWhispers.

Till My Last Breath Shirt Design Review.

The Till My Last Breath shirt design is for the romantics, especially the Goth ones.

Conceptually, this is not the most original piece. Skulls (Death), Roses, and beautiful women can be seen together in countless art pieces now and throughout art antiquity. But this one is damn good. The couple's embrace being the focus of the design.

As for the artwork, I like it but it could be a lot better. First, the shading is realistic and consistent. Second, the colors fit the classic love and death theme. Third, this design has emotion captured well. Even the skeleton is happy despite being dead. But this design does not work for all of the Fabric colors offered. Aside from the subjects being cropped suddenly, the border of the design is done poorly. With a DTG printer this "faded" stuff can be printed as a smudge (such as the case here). This design isn't really a good design for a DTG printed tee.

This Till My Last Breath shirt will make a nice gift for the metalheads, as well as horror fans, and the aforementioned romantics IF YOU GET WALL ART such as a poster. But not as a shirt.

As for the print, this is not one of the best examples of a TeePublic shirt and therefore it gets a 3 out of 5 stars. This is not necessarily the fault of the printer but more of the designer's. Although it is possible to print it properly if they play with the settings. But it would probably require a few test prints and that is not profitable. It may not be 100% true to the design thumbnail's tones but it bold and it does include every detail. At least the ones that weren't blurred out.

Overall, it makes a decent casual shirt that fits in anywhere.

Till My Last Breath Shirt Design by EnchantedWhispers.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Many fabric colors are available depending on the style but only Black works for this design. The review breakdown is as follows:

The Little Mermaid Shirt Design by Eliaschatzoudis

Ariel The Little Mermaid Shirt Design Review.

The Ariel The Little Mermaid shirt design is for the Disney fans, especially the adults that dig the quirky Redhead.

Conceptually, this is simply to make Ariel from the 1989 Animated movie The Little Mermaid, a more realistic Pin-Up Girl. This isn't a new and original concept as there are many like it out there in the world. Especially of the low-brow variety sporting Ariel with tattoos. This one does not. The artist focuses on showing that Ariel can be sexy as well as cute. While this may tarnish some people's cherished views of the Disney princess, others see it as symbol of empowerment for women, both animated and real. The thing to keep in mind is that it is still art and art is always subjective.

As for the artwork, it is done remarkably well. First, please consider the shading. It is worthy of a tattoo as it is steps beyond that of a flat cartoon. Second, you will notice that the coloring is bold and that it stays true to character. Third, the layout of Ariel's pose rather captures her elegance and it is done rather tastefully. However, the only nitpick that I have about this design is that the White outline. It just isn't needed and it looks wrong in some places. Such as between the sweeps of her hair. Other than that this design is a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

This Ariel The Little Mermaid Shirt will make a nice gift for the pin-up girl enthusiasts and the Disney Princess buffs. Plus, it is available in kid sizes which isn't a bad thing since Ariel isn't revealing too much of herself.

As for the print, this is one of better and best examples of a TeePublic shirt and therefore it gets a 5 out of 5 stars. It may not be 100% true to the design thumbnail's tones but it bold and it does include every detail.

Overall, it makes a good casual shirt that fits in anywhere such as Coffee shops or Comic-Cons.

Ariel The Little Mermaid Shirt Design by Eliaschatzoudis.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Many fabric colors are available depending on the style. The review breakdown is as follows:

Alice Card Tee Design Side By Side Print Comparison NeatoShop Vs Society 6

Society6 Vs Neatoshop

Society6 Vs NeatoShop DTG Print Quality Comparison. Two of the top brands in the Pop Culture T-shirt market. I ordered the samples in this comparison myself. As a disclaimer I will state that I am an affiliate of both brands. Both pay their affiliate's close to the same rate for the referrals. I have no grudges against either brand and I am quite fond of both for their services, products and said affiliate programs. This is a Print Quality Only comparison but images of the product tags are shown for informational purposes only.

Society6 Vs NeatoShop.

Society6 uses the Direct to Garment printing technique for this tee being reviewed. They do offer sublimated products as well to their members and customers. Their Sublimation prints are better than their DTG prints (both are Print On Demand). And their DTG prints does not surpass all of their DTG competitors. Most of the time you can usually find the same designs elsewhere such as NeatoShop.

NeatoShop does not have Screen Printed nor Sublimated shirts as they specialize in Direct To Garment printing only. Their DTG printed T-shirts are the best in the Print On Demand industry to date that I have personally seen.

Some of the designs that you see on the Limited Edition Shirt-of-the-Day type sites (featured on the TeeFetch homepage) can be found at NeatoShop and Society6 as well as at other Print On Demand services not shown in this comparison.

This is a side by side Society6 Vs Neatoshop DTG print quality comparison of the same design from these two brands.

Alice Card Tee Design Side By Side Print Comparison Society6 vs NeatoShop

NeatoShop seems to have better ink thickness and ink coverage. NeatoShop also prints larger. NeatoShop's pre-treatment chemicals are also coating the tee as you can see on the Black of the fabric. Society6, while still a quality print does not quite equal NeatoShop's in ink. As you can see more threads show through without ink in the Society6 close ups.

NeatoShop's color range and contrast levels are also are superior. For instance, the Red is consistent everywhere on the design. Society6 on the other hand, the Red in the border and the letters are weaker than that of the blood and on the hearts. Also, on the Society6 version the Purple actually looks bolder than the NeatoShop version but as mentioned the ink coverage isn't quite as good. NeatoShop's sample comes closer to matching the actual design thumbnail shown on their website where as Society6's does not. Both brands have Black tees to work (Society6's fabric is even darker). So what it comes down to are the brand of Printers, the Printing Technique & Skill, and the Inks themselves.

Society6 Vs NeatoShop Conclusion.

Not all of Society6's shirts are this noticeably different from than their design thumbnails. Usually, I rate their printing from 4 stars up to 5 stars as sometimes there are variations between what you see on the screen and what you actually get on the final product. In this case it is a 4 out of 5 stars as a result of being so different.

Neatoshop is always consistent with their DTG printing and quality control and so far I've always rated their printing 5 out of 5 stars. This is no exception.

I rate DTG on its own merits and I do not compare it to Screen Printing or Sublimation Printing which are also based on their own merits. All three printing methods have their pros and cons. This has been a DTG vs DTG Brand Vs Brand print quality review.

In Five Minutes Shirt Design by ddjvigo

In Five Minutes Shirt Design Review.

The In Five Minutes shirt design is for the Deadpool and Marvel fans in general.

The concept is simply based on the hilarious "You're going to die... in five minutes!" scene from the popular 2016 Deadpool movie. You know the one, where Deadpool is driving a Zamboni towards his latest victim on his way to find Francis. Where he says "You're About to be Killed by a Zamboni". I would elaborate but there really is nothing more to write.

As for the artwork, it is an accurate representation of Deadpool from the aforementioned scene. For starters, the composition and shading are good. Now, the forearm of the extended hand looks a little off to me but it doesn't take away anything from the design. Also, the illustration is done as a side view. Thus, simplifying the concept for T-shirt format

While the ink coverage is good the colors are a bit muted on this tee. Learn from my mistake and choose a lighter fabric color for better contrast.

In Five Minutes Shirt Design by ddjvigo.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Many fabric colors are available. The review breakdown is as follows:

Elvira Quinn Mistress of Mayhem Shirt Design by dsilvadesigns

Elvira Quinn Mistress of Mayhem Shirt Design Review.

The Elvira Quinn Mistress of Mayhem shirt design is for the Harley Quinn and Elvira fans out there. True, it is a hell of a Venn diagram to find that demographic. But let's face it, everyone loves a bad girl and this one is twice as naughty. It doesn't matter who the character is based on. It is sexy and cool.

As for the concept, it is a mash up but not a typical one. Because this one takes a 2016 spin of the 90's creation Harley Quinn (the Batman villain) and combines it with the campy 80's horror icon Elvira Mistress of the Dark. For anyone who is familiar with Elvira the design concept is more than obvious. But for anyone born in the past 20 years, they probably haven't heard of Elvira. At least not that I've come across. Regardless, this combo is unique enough that it deserved review.

Now for the artwork. This a much softer and cuter than say the Batman or Harley Comic books and definitely brattier and more girlish. Where as Batman and Elvira often have darker and more Gothic elements to them. Aside from the style, you can see that there is a nice balance of both characters's attributes in this mash up. For instance, the character has Harley's multicolored hair but Elvira's hairstyle. Her clothing follows the same suit, as she is wearing the Elvira style of clothing but with the addition of Harley Quinn's trademark diamond motif. The shading and coloring are as professional as it gets. To sum it up, it falls between realism and comic book for this particular cartoon style.

Finally, for the print, it is on par with what I've come to expect from this brand. This one was printed up in the middle of the 2016 Christmas rush and features a tag rather than being their normal tag-less offering.

This Elvira Quinn Mistress of Mayhem  shirt will make a nice gift for fans of either of these franchises.

Elvira Quinn Mistress of Mayhem Shirt Design by dsilvadesigns.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Many fabric colors are available. The review breakdown is as follows:

Rick and Porty Shirt Design by LavaLamp

Rick and Porty Shirt Design Review.

The Rick and Porty shirt design is for the Rick and Morty and Portal fans. They done gone crossover in this one broh.

Let's consider the concept, it is obvious but funny. At first, nothing seems unusual for the pair as they run to other dimensions via portals. But upon closer inspection, the rifts are not the usual Green ones that they are known for producing. Instead, these are the ones from the hit video game Portal, a completely different franchise all together. Thus making this a necessary mash up. Personally, I feel that it should had used the Portal gun from the game rather than Rick's usual portal gun but that is just my humble opinion. However, there is enough here for anyone familiar and observant enough to get the references.

As for the artwork, it is not original by any means nor is it that difficult to illustrate. But the scene does come together well for the concept. For instance, the colors are true to the Rick and Morty series, just as they work well for the Blue and Yellow port holes from Portal. Also, there is a good gradient for fade off for the background, preventing this from being a boring "square" design". So it is aesthetically pleasing. What isn't shown are lasers or whatever is chasing them, which is a disappointment as it could add much to the action of the scene. Or at least provide and explanation. Regardless to the fact that nothing out of the ordinary is really happening I have to go ahead and give the artwork 5 stars just for being awesome. Wubba Lubba dub dub!

As for the print, it is good but the company usually prints better and bolder for the Blue end of the spectrum. There is not enough of an issue to take away any stars though. If you happen to have an issue with your print you could always return it if it is truly defective. This one was printed up in the middle of the 2016 Christmas rush and features a tag rather than being their normal tagless offering.

This Rick and Porty Shirt will make a nice gift for inter-dimensional travel buffs and fans of these franchises. Especially the Rick and Morty fans.

Rick and Porty Shirt Design by LavaLamp.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Many fabric colors are available. The review breakdown is as follows: