How To Start Your Own T-shirt Shop.

So you are interested in selling your designs. Well then, you have a few options available to you. You could sell your designs outright to certain companies perhaps even work freelance. You could start your own printing company if you had the money. You could buy T-shirts wholesale and resell them online. But more than likely you are interested in starting your own online T-shirt shop through a "Print on Demand" service.

The first step is choosing the company that you want to sell through. I have reviewed the ones that you see in the alphabetized list further below. Not all brands are listed as some are a complete and total waste of time.

There are many companies to choose from and the most popular and most famous is not the best. Cafepress for lack of a better word "SUCKS". They treat their shopkeepers like crap. To learn more on why not to choose Cafepress please read the article entitled "The Reasons Why CafePress Sucks." as the list of complaints is way too long to post here.

Some of the links below are "affiliate links." This means that I will receive a small commission if you click on and purchase any items. Nevertheless, I only recommend products and services that I personally believe in and use. This disclosure is in accordance with the FTC's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Print on Demand T-shirt Companies Updated:11/14/2015: (* denotes Tee Fetch's Preference.)

  1. Cafepress - If you respect yourself you will not choose Cafepress. Infamous for ripping off the shopkeeper and low grade printing. They are only popular for being the first basically. The only reason they are on this list is because people will be asking about them.
  2. NeatoShop* - The Absolute Best in Print On Demand Direct To Garment printing. Their prints are bolder, larger and last longer. They are now at the level that the volume of sales can rival Redbubble's if you optimize your shop properly. Better pricing. If you qualify to have a shop or dropship service from them then don't waste your time at any other site as this is the new champion. They have a wide range of apparel products. Tell them TeeFetch sent ya.
  3. RedBubble - One of the growing companies that will hopefully dethrone CafePress. This is more of a real artists community as opposed to conglomerate fascism. Only Digital Printing. This is your fourth best bet for a Print on Demand service. They used to be the best choice for the time but now they are fourth. They have a wide range of products.
  4. Society6* - The 3rd best for DTG prints and the Absolute Best for ALL OVER SUBLIMATION prints which is their main attraction. They also offer a wide range of apparel and non apparel products.
  5. Spreadshirt - Not even worth mentioning anymore as technology has improved beyond their current equipment and setups. Their marketplace is still a complete and total effing mess. They have plot printing for vector based designs.
  6. TeePublic - The 2nd best P.O.D. site. Their prints are good and are better than Redbubble's but they are still not on par with NeatoShop.