Where To Sell Your Tee Designs.

Where To Sell Your Tee Designs.

There are two schools of thought on this topic. One is to sell at as many retailers as possible. The second is to commit to a single retailer. For more in-depth information on Print On Demand retailers and options please read "How To Start Your Own T-shirt Shop" as I have reviewed the most popular P.O.D.'s.

Selling Tee Designs At Many Retailers.

Selling at many retailers has one clear advantage. More exposure. Possibly more income at least short term. But it has many disadvantages as well. Variations in quality and price are the big two. Some printers are not as good as others and your name or brand gets associated with who you do business with. The price variation ends up with the scenario where you are competing against yourself. When you combine the quality and price, some things simply cannot be justified and it can hurt you in the long run. People do comparison shopping and they will take notice. Also, this practice spams the search engines, and eventually even design and product name variations will be omitted if the indexing trends continue as they have over the past decade or so. Especially when the image indexing bots start recognizing and remembering designs better.

Selling Tee Designs At A Single Retailer.

Committing to one retailer can be extremely beneficial. If you choose to go with the retailer with the best quality then that reputation gets associated with your brand. Less maintenance is another benefit. You have one shop to maintain and watch. Putting all that effort into one place could prove more profitable in the long run. But what if your stuff is overlooked or never found?
The Selling Tee Designs Compromise.
To me, the ideal solution is don't offer all of your tee designs at all places. Study the marketplaces and find out which type of designs perform better at which site. Rather than have your Iron Man parody tee at all the places pick one and sell your Science tees at another retailer. In other words, make the designs exclusive to each retailer. You will avoid having the same design on basically the same tee at different quality levels for different prices and you will still get the exposure. Put your best stuff at the retailer that offers the highest quality. Hopefully, this will help you figure out where to sell your tee designs.
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