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Wolves Hoodie Design Review.

The Wolves hoodie design features one Grey wolf and one Brown wolf each looking in opposite directions with a galaxy background. This design is ideal for people who love animals, nature, and outer space.
The concept, if I had to guess is all about the spiritual animal being a wolf. The two of them together implying that the journey doesn't have to be taken alone. The galaxy motif adds the spiritual element.
As for the artwork it is realistic and outdoorsy. These canine friends seem to give an impression of "not to be intimidated" yet patience and calmness if unprovoked.
This is a casual design to be worn at any setting or event such as concerts, camping, class, etc.
This hoodie will make a great gift for animal and nature enthusiasts.

Wolves Hoodie Design by Reverb.

Is available on Hoodies. There is no fabric color choice as this is printed using the Sublimation technique. The review breakdown is as follows:

Animals As Tee Designs and Inspiration.

Moon Gazer Tee, Animals As Tee Designs

From furry beasts to insects, animals as tee designs are some of the best looking T-shirts out there. Mankind has been inspired by and borrowing design patterns from the animal kingdom for ages. Think of leopard and zebra prints in the fashion world and other markets. Think of the honeycomb patterns and sharkskin texture we utilize in our construction and aerodynamic industries. Designers and inventors look at nature, especially the animal kingdom when looking for fresh and innovative ideas. They do this in search of patterns, colors, and textures. Often combing one elements from one animal with another. Like the pattern of a snake skin with the texture of a feather or fur.

Sometimes it’s what animals make from bird nests, to spiderwebs that catch the imagination. If it wasn’t for a fly walking upside down on a ceiling then Stan Lee would had never came up with Spider-Man.

The fashion market, though seemingly overcrowded, is full of: frogs, sharks, kittens, wolves, etc., on all sorts of apparel especially t-shirts and there is always room for more. If one was so inclined to make their own version of the same or create something completely new it would fit in well with the others.

Individual components of the animals make just as much of an impact as the complete animals, perhaps even more so. From paw prints to a single eye, the moods and themes are almost limitless. Snakes and spiders tend to provoke fear, birds such as hawks instill that preciseness and power. Think of school and corporate mascots. There are reasons these animals were chosen, that reason is their symbolism.

Animals As Tee Designs and Inspiration.

So whatever the mood and objective desired, there is an animal that will represent what needs conveyed. Take a walk around your own neighborhood and see how animals interact with each other and you. Search online for more exotic and even dangerous animals. The inspiration you seek will strike you as soon as you lay eyes on the animal that will be the mold for your next design.

Pop Vamp Tee Design by Berry Method

Pop Vamp All Over Print Tee Design Review.

The Pop Vamp All Over Print tee design is for the Marilyn Monroefans and people with a vampire fetish.

The concept is to simply do a pop art variation of a pop culture icon turning Marilyn Monroe a vampire. This isn't exactly original as all kinds of artists have transformed her image into sexy various forms of monsters over the years like zombies, mummies, vampyres and werewolves. It is a no brainer that combining Marilyn Monroe with anything would sell. Her immortalized likeness will always be trendy.

As for the artwork, it is good for what it is. The artist didn't take the original photograph of Marilyn themselves. But the additions and edits do make for an interesting image. The use of Red as blood splatters and in the hair adds contrast to an otherwise Black and White image of a beautiful woman. The result is a blown up image that takes up the entire tee and it looks damn good.

This is a great shirt for wearing in October with Halloween and Day of The Dead being around the corner.

Pop Vamp All Over Print Tee Design by Berry Method.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, Long Sleeves, Dog T-shirts. Many fabric colors are available. The review breakdown is as follows:

Adventure Wolf Tee Design Review.

The Adventure Wolf tee design is for the people that love and admire wolves.

The wolf image is super detailed and of photograph quality. The lone wolf is on guard and has this majestic vibe to it. A little empowering for those who relate to the wolf as a spirit animal.

The composition of a Wolf and Moon or a Wolf and Sun isn't that original nor is the concept itself, but it does look badass. The lighting from behind gives it an almost halo type of effect. But it is the wolf's cold hard stare that makes this tee.

Compared to the other wolf tees out there nothing else even comes close to the ones from The Mountain. Their imagery is much larger and sharper. That definitely makes them the place to shop for animal lovers.

This is a great nature shirt to wear anywhere.

Adventure Wolf Tee Design by Collin Bagle.

Is available on: Tees. The Blue fabric color is mandatory but it is the ideal color for this design. The review breakdown is as follows: