Animals As Tee Designs and Inspiration.

Moon Gazer Tee, Animals As Tee Designs

From furry beasts to insects, animals as tee designs are some of the best looking T-shirts out there. Mankind has been inspired by and borrowing design patterns from the animal kingdom for ages. Think of leopard and zebra prints in the fashion world and other markets. Think of the honeycomb patterns and sharkskin texture we utilize in our construction and aerodynamic industries. Designers and inventors look at nature, especially the animal kingdom when looking for fresh and innovative ideas. They do this in search of patterns, colors, and textures. Often combing one elements from one animal with another. Like the pattern of a snake skin with the texture of a feather or fur.

Sometimes it’s what animals make from bird nests, to spiderwebs that catch the imagination. If it wasn’t for a fly walking upside down on a ceiling then Stan Lee would had never came up with Spider-Man.

The fashion market, though seemingly overcrowded, is full of: frogs, sharks, kittens, wolves, etc., on all sorts of apparel especially t-shirts and there is always room for more. If one was so inclined to make their own version of the same or create something completely new it would fit in well with the others.

Individual components of the animals make just as much of an impact as the complete animals, perhaps even more so. From paw prints to a single eye, the moods and themes are almost limitless. Snakes and spiders tend to provoke fear, birds such as hawks instill that preciseness and power. Think of school and corporate mascots. There are reasons these animals were chosen, that reason is their symbolism.

Animals As Tee Designs and Inspiration.

So whatever the mood and objective desired, there is an animal that will represent what needs conveyed. Take a walk around your own neighborhood and see how animals interact with each other and you. Search online for more exotic and even dangerous animals. The inspiration you seek will strike you as soon as you lay eyes on the animal that will be the mold for your next design.

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