Library For Tee Design Inspiration.

Use the public or school library for Tee design inspiration.

Just about every topic imaginable exist in some form or another in the books, video, and other media made widely available to us all over the years. Non-fiction and fiction, and the creative arts. There are all kinds of reference materials and tools for the visual artist.

One could be inspired by classic novels such as Moby Dick or something as whimsical as anything by Dr. Seuss. Someone might even try mashing up the the two. Flipping through the art books and seeing what others have created over the course of human history can also help steer an artist into a creative mood. This might also help the designer come up with a brand new style that has yet to exist, like an evolution of the arts by looking at what has been done previously. On a similar note, one could work backwards for a nostalgic or retro perspective.

For an even zanier experience follow in the traditions of the Steam Punk movement and combine elements from the different time lines. Imagine ancient Egypt with a modern day power grid. Pharaohs with the internet. The possibilities of the art styles and time line mixes are infinite.

Library For Tee Design Inspiration.

So next time any of you find yourselves in a design slump, buy a piping hot cup of your favorite coffee and then head on over to the public library and grab some random books and begin to browse. You might be surprised at what inspires you, maybe even more so at the end results when you step back from your creation.

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