Architecture As Tee Design Inspiration.

Modern Snail Tee Design by Coconutman.

Architecture as tee design inspiration works surprisingly well.

Architecture has a way of surrounding us with mood, from a peasant’s hut to the Taj Mahal. Other examples would be Cathedrals, which re grand, colorful, and well lit. These elements provided a calm and uplifting spiritual vibe when combined the right way at the right time of day. The the futuristic curves and sharp angles of the past influence our behavior. Evidence is found everywhere from fast food places like White Castle and McDonald’s to elaborate restaurants like Casa Bonita. The combinations of color and spacial design set a tone for either stay and eat or get your food and then get out quickly.

In architecture, there is the inside and outside space to consider. Then there is nature’s involvement. How the structure fits in with the surroundings. Some of those most breathtaking imagery of buildings are at the time of day and year when the light and shadows are balanced perfectly. Giving the structures a majestic appearance.

These spatial, color, and line elements can be used in graphic design on t shirts just as they are on blueprints and three dimensional buildings. Just like any other form it is about balance and interpretation. As a result of a little science, and a bit of math. Even if we are not aware of those things consciously.

It is perspective and illusions such as these that we try to fit into artwork in general such as focal points, gravity, and other things that make sense structurally (unlike a T.A.R.D.I.S. which is the deliberate opposite in concept for artistic and story telling purposes).

Architecture As Tee Design Inspiration.

Visiting buildings such as homes, churches, museums, and skyscrapers can give an artist a new found appreciation for space and time, structure, color, and decision. This respect for the builders of the past, present, and future will be evident in their soon-to-be art works.

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