Bessie Service Repair Manual Tee Review.

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Bessie Service and Repair Manual Tee Design by ADHO 1982.

Bessie Service and Repair Manual Tee Design by ADHO 1982.

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Bessie Service Repair Manual Tee Design by ADHO 1982 features a HAYNES or CHILTON style repair manual of the famous Planet Express Ship spacecraft.

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The Bessie Service Repair Manual tee design is a great tee for mechanics who love the awesome television show Futurama and Planet Express Ship (Bessie).

This concept is good. It features the Planet Express Ship Bessie on a mock repair manual cover. It has a couple references to Futurama such as "Dark Matter Reactor Modification." and "Travel at 97% of the new Speed of Light." It would make a better book cover or poster because seriously, how many people wear vehicle repair manual covers on their tees otherwise? Yes, it helps that this one is a pop culture based design and makes the idea more bearable. Anything Futurama is good.

As for the artwork, it looks like the HAYNES and CHILTON vehicle or auto repair manuals but with a drawing of a cartoon ship rather than a drawing of an actual vehicle. It is simple but effective.

This Bessie Service Repair Manual tee would make a nice gift for the fans of Futurama. It's not quite an obscure reference but it might make some people think for a moment or two.

This is a nice geek shirt that is perfect for comic-cons and whatever.

Bessie Service Repair Manual Tee Design by ADHO 1982.

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