Fresh Hoods Brand Review.

Fresh Hoods

Fresh Hoods has a large collection of vibrant All Over Print apparel with an emphasis on Hoodies from various manufacturers. With Artsy, Trippy, Pop Culture, and Nature themes, they offer something for everyone

As for the Print Quality, the prints are vivid and crisp. Being sublimated prints the ink has great coverage and absorption, though along the seams there may be missed gaps. That is normal for this technique and really not that noticeable. If the hoodies and tees are washed inside out in cold water with mild detergent (No Bleach or Harsh Chemicals) and allowed to air dry then the designs should last years. The Quality Control is excellent.

The hoodie fabric is Polyester. It is lighter than cotton and extremely soft. I wouldn't consider these cold weather hoodies but rather cool weather apparel instead.

And for the sizing, they tend to run larger than anticipated ( which is nothing new in the sublimated clothing industry) Tees and Hoodies range from S to 3XL. The Medium Hoodie shown looks and feel closer to Large maybe bigger so keep that in mind.

Fresh Hoods:

How did Fresh Hoods get started and what is your brand all about?

Ever since childhood, I've been fascinated by two things: art & fashion. So I have decided to dedicate my life to these passions of mine. During my graphic design studies I've met some amazing guys with whom I had common dreams. After years of planning, we were finally able to start our own online store selling unique apparel based on our ideas, designed by professional artists. We are all about providing quality high - definition apparel for an affordable price.

What are the Fresh Hoods ideals?

Our goal is to create clothing that is not just comfortable, but helps you expressing your personality.

Who designs the tees?

Together with our team of professional artists we envision and design the tees in-house. 100% Fresh Hoods style

What inspires the tees?

We are always on the lookout to get inspired by the world around us, hobbies, art, travel, music, fashion and so on. That's why you will find designs ranging from galaxy to skull, psychedelic to Japanese and more. We want to think that we make it impossible not to find the perfect tee or hoodie for a beloved friend, loved one and yourself.

How would you classify the tees/designs?

Vibrant, out of the ordinary designs that will make the wearer stand out and be proud.

What Shipping options do you offer?

For the time being we offer Free Shipping Worldwide on orders $100 or more.

Fresh Hoods.

The review breakdown of their Sublimated Printed products is as follows:

Ript Logo

Ript Apparel Tee Brand Review

Ript Apparel

RIPT Apparel sells three new and unique pop culture designs every day that can be purchased on tees, hoodies, posters, coasters, and much more. Each design lives for only 36 hours and starts at just $14.00! We also offer many designs exclusive to RIPT Apparel, a month-long featured artist store, an interactive blog and a wide variety of relevant items. We bring people together through pop culture apparel and provide the best daily destination for fun, nostalgic, limited edition artwork. RIPT Apparel: The Best Daily Pop Culture Tees.

Ript Apparel established in 2009, is one of the first Limited Edition Tshirt sites and one of the most popular. The tees that I have ordered and worn regularly over the past 3 years have normal fading and cracking, having been machine washed and dried inside out. Currently, they sell 3 pop-culture-themed designs at a time starting at $14 apiece for 36 (used to be 24) hours only. Price has gone up since their early days. They are now my favorite Limited Edition Shirt company simply for all of the exclusives that they offer (updated 5/31/17).

This is a pre-order type of business so the wait time for an order to ship is within 2 business days after the sale. Perhaps up to a week if higher than expected sales or holidays cause delays. They use UPS Mail for domestic orders. International orders may take 1 to 2 months to arrive after leaving their warehouse.

Also, people can even submit their own artwork to be considered for print and profit. Weekly on Wednesday's, check back to the homepage for 12 fresh new designs - ALL $7.00 OFF when you use code "CHOICE"

Ript Apparel Tee Brand

Offers a wide range of products and time limited designs. The review breakdown is as follows:

Mon Chere by Jonathan Grimm Art

Mon Chere Tee Review.

The Mon Chere tee design with Angelica Houston as Morticia snipping her stemmed roses.

The concept is based on her scene in the Addams Family movie from the 90's. It's little creepy and kooky but it fits in nicely around Halloween. The one and only Morticia Addams elegant and goth as always.

As for the artwork it is a nice portrait. Firstly, there is some fine detailed cross-hatching going on with the shading. So you know it is hand drawn. Jonathan has got skill. Secondly, the contrast of the bright Rose Red on the rose and finger nails offers a great "Sin City" style contrast. Thirdly, the way that Morticia is melding with the shadows is like that of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody Album Cover.

This is a great tee for any Addams Family fan. .

Mon Chere Tee Design by Jonathan Grimm Art.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. There are many fabric color options. But Purple or Black is really the best option. The review breakdown is as follows:

The DOGFATHER T-shirt Design Review.

The Enter The Dogfather T-shirt design is an excellent mash up of The Godfather and Futurama.

The concept is hits people right in the feels with Fry's loyal and loving mutt Seymour taking the place of the Godfather's kitty. Therefore, with Fry taking the place of the Godfather one can't help but chuckle and want to cry at the same time. For anyone that hasn't seen the referenced Futurama Episode, check out the episode entitled Jurassic Bark. The dyslexic use of the word Dog rather than God works great too on another comedic level.

The Godfather

As for the artwork. It's tight. Firstly, the almost black and white tone is a perfect tribute for the Godfather's original image (shown above). The shading, the highlights, all top notch. Secondly, the seriously expressions and tone given to Fry is hilarious in its own right. But as mentioned earlier, the design elements bring a slew of mixed emotions making it bittersweet. Considering that Fry's character is more of the Slapstick type, this is a feat in and of itself. Thirdly, Having the dog's tongue stick out as bright Red really adds emphasis to Seymour and his emotion. Almost animating the t-shirt.

Finally, it is as if Matt Groening and crew designed this themselves. They were always masterfully pulling on the audience's heart strings. This design is that good in terms of art and concept. A great tee for anyone who likes the dog that waited, especially.

The DOGFATHER T-Shirt Design by Barbadifuoco.

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and Tank tops. The exclusives offer some fabric color choices but the dailies do not. The review breakdown is as follows:

Pannucis Express T-shirt design by RyanAstle NeatoShop Thumbnail

Panucci’s Express Tee by RyanAstle Design Review.

The Panucci's Express tee design is for the true Futurama fans.

For starters, the concept is that the logo of Planet Express is reworked retrospectively into a logo for Panucci's Pizza featuring Fry and Seymour instead of Old Bessie. Also, it might even be a slight nod to E.T. as well. Since the bike is moving up at an angle. But then again, so does Old Bessie. On another note, there is a design circulating with the same graphic with the text Panucci's Pizza sold The Dude's Threads and some others. Therefore, I'm not scoring for originality or creativity. But rather the concept alone. Not to mention the feels this tee brings.

Planet Express Logo

As for the artwork... Firstly, the style is straight up Futurama's style. So no real creative juices there either. However, the use of the meta use of a one Futurama logo with another episode reference from Jurassic Bark in the "pastorama" is cleverly done. But no more so than the "Panucci's Pizza" version. Secondly, the printed colors are bold and simple and work with any fabric color choice. Which is true to the original Planet Express logo. Lastly, negative line work is good, easily separating the elements of the dog and the bike's rear rack elements. Whoever designed it.

This Panucci's Express T-shirt will make a nice gift for the Futurama fans.

Wear this tee to Comic-Cons and when craving pizza.

Panucci's Express Tee Design by RyanAstle.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Posters, Dog T-shirts, Tank tops and Crewnecks. There are many fabric color options. The review breakdown is as follows:

Stampede T-shirt Design by ADHO1982 Thumbnail

Stampede Tee by ADHO1982 Design Review.

The Stampede tee design is for the Trigun fans that also enjoy the music of The Beatles.

The concept is that the characters of Trigun pose as the band mates of the Beatles while walking across Abbey Road, just like the album cover.

As for the artwork... Firstly, the style is straight up Trigun. Secondly, the colors are more muddy and fit the theme of an old western well. Of course, one of the characters should had been barefoot for a direct tribute to the Beatles. Thirdly, the shading on the characters is consistent. Personally, I would not had put a gun in Vash's hand sense he prefers peace but it works for this design. Lastly, it is instantly recognizable for either franchise.

This Stampede Ringspun T-shirt will make a nice gift for the Trigun fans.

Wear this tee to Comic-Cons and salons.

Stampede Tee Design by ADHO1982.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Posters, Dog T-shirts, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Black, Dark Chocolate, Navy and Sport Grey, are the only fabric color options. The review breakdown is as follows:

Friends Express T-Shirt Design by Mitch Ludwig Thumbnail NeatoShop Print Quality Review

Friends Express Tee by Mitch Ludwig Design Review.

The Friends Express tee design is for the Futurama fans that also enjoy the sitcom Friends.

The concept is that the characters of Futurama pose as the cast of Friends while holding up a giant frame.

As for the artwork... Firstly, the style is straight up Futurama.. Secondly, The use of the Friend's logo via the font for "E*X*P*R*E*S*S" is a great touch with the colored dots. "EXPRESS" as in Planet Express as that is the Delivery Service that the characters work at. Owned by Professor Farnsworth. That really helps cement the concept into people's heads. Thirdly, the colors are bold and vibrant. Lastly, The shading on this shirt is top notch.

This Friends Express Ringspun T-shirt will make a nice gift for the Futurama fans.

Wear this tee to Comic-Cons and to head museums.

Friends Express Tee Design by Mitch Ludwig.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Posters, Dog T-shirts, Tank tops and Crewnecks. There are many fabric color options. The review breakdown is as follows:

11 Eleven T-shirt Design by Zerobriant.

11 Eleven T-shirt Design Review.

The 11 Eleven T-shirt design is for the fans of the hit show on Netflix Stranger Things. Stranger Things starts out with 4 friends and one of them, Will, gets lost in the Upside Down. They joined forces with Eleven, a teenage girl who has psychic abilities.

To begin with, like the show, the concept for this design is friendship. For instance, no matter what, they are going to find their lost friend. Even if the Upside Down underworld is guarded by the scary monsters who keeps their friend Will asleep. The design features a large image of Eleven's head and inside of the head, there are elements from the show.

This 11 Eleven design review Contain's Spoilers.

The 4th friend, the Red silhouette "Will" is falling in the Upside down world. Will's mother put Christmas lights inside her house, because she hears Will in the walls of her home and he communicates via these lights. Hence, why Zerobriant used Christmas lights as a design element.

As for the artwork, it is a collage. Firstly, Eleven's head in this t-shirt is Purple for the most part. Secondly, The Upside Down is in the bottom half and you can see Will who is colored Red as he falling down into the monsters' lair. Thirdly, the trees are a darker Purple and they grow on top as silhouettes. Fourthly, the stars, bike headlights are very bright. As well as the Christmas lights which are also providing strong contrast. The colors of the Christmas lights are Red, Blue and light Purple. You can't tell by the colors and shading but Eleven's nose has her signature bleed.

This is a fun fan t-shirt design that would be perfect for Comic Con or D&D campaigns.

11 Eleven T-shirt Design by Zerobriant .

Is also available on various T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts, Dog T-shirts and more. There are many fabric color choices available as well, each depending on what style is chosen. The review breakdown is as follows:

Eleven the Telekinetic T-Shirt Design by Boggs Nicolas.

Eleven The Telekinetic T-shirt Design Review.

The Eleven the Telekinetic tee design is for the Stranger Things fans that dig the awesomeness of the metal band Iron Maiden.

First, instead of the band name "Iron Maiden" there is "ELEVEN" which is the name of the character from Stranger Things who is replacing Eddie from Iron Maiden's cover. Next, it has the title "Telekinetic" instead of "The Trooper" as well. And to borrow from a previous design review... the concept is cool and much like the Galactic Empire tee and it makes a much better mash up or parody of Iron Maiden's The Trooper than say the Skeletor version (which isn't bad) or the Mars Attacks version.

Iron Maiden The Trooper Album Cover

As for the artwork, it is awesome. Eleven is full of detail and the likeness is uncanny. In addition, other show elements replace the rest of the album cover such as her box of frozen waffles in place of the sword and an empty hand reaching out replacing the Union Jack (flag). As well as featuring a demogorgon instead of the Grim Reaper in the bottom right corner. All mirroring their counterparts perfectly. Also, the shading and coloring is masterfully done as is expected from Boggs Nicolas. Overall, the print turned out perfectly, on the Next Level brand of blank used. And as Always, the RED printed beautifully.

This Eleven The Telekinetic tee will make a nice gift for the Stranger Things and Iron Maiden fans that like both franchises. Plus, it is available in kid sizes so they won't miss out on this sci-fi and rock legend tribute.

Makes a great fan shirt that fits in anywhere such as Comic-Con or to rock concerts.

Eleven The Telekinetic T-shirt Design by Boggs Nicolas.

Is also available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts, Dog T-shirts and more. There are many fabric color choices available as well, each depending on what style is chosen. The review breakdown is as follows:

I'm Ready SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS T-shirt Design by Mitch Ludwig.

I’m Ready SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS T-shirt Design Review.

The I'm Ready SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS is based on the well known TV series Spongebob Squarepants who lives an a pineapple under the sea. Whether you're a child or an adult, you'll laugh your ass off at this character and the rest of the townsfolk in a place called 'Bikini Bottom'.

The concept of this tee shirt is Spongebob is up for anything hence the phrase 'I'm ready'. He's wearing overalls, a baseball cap and he has a smirk saying he's all that. He's standing in front of his home which is a pineapple. It's a little wacky but everyone loves that little sponge. I do too as a matter of fact.

As for the artwork, It has some Distressed elements so get the Blue colored tees if you do purchase this as they will look better. His body is yellow (of course) with orange circle all around him. All the colors work perfectly together. He has a white buck tooth grin and his eyes are both a little shady, making you wonder "What kind of mischievous things is Spongebob Squarepants gonna do today?". Of course he is just representing the wearer of this fine tee at this point.

I recommend this t-shirt because everyone knows about Spongebob Squarepants and his wonderful life under the sea or anyone who likes Nickelodeon or even Cartoon Network cartoons.

As for the print, It turned out great as always from Neatoshop. The colors stand out more than the competition. This time we chose the Next Level Tee as a canvas.

I'm Ready SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS T-shirt Design by Mitch Ludwig.

Is also available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts, Dog T-shirts and more. There are many fabric color choices available as well, each depending on what style is chosen. The review breakdown is as follows: