11 Eleven T-shirt Design Review.

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11 Eleven T-shirt Design by Zerobriant

11 Eleven T-shirt Design by Zerobriant

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The 11 Eleven T-shirt design features a collage of Stranger Things adventures inside of Eleven's Head.

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TheĀ 11 Eleven T-shirt design is for the fans of the hit show on Netflix Stranger Things. Stranger Things starts out with 4 friends and one of them, Will, gets lost in the Upside Down. They joined forces with Eleven, a teenage girl who has psychic abilities.

To begin with, like the show, the concept for this design is friendship. For instance, no matter what, they are going to find their lost friend. Even if the Upside Down underworld is guarded by the scary monsters who keeps their friend Will asleep. The design features a large image of Eleven's head and inside of the head, there are elements from the show.

This 11 Eleven design review Contain's Spoilers.

The 4th friend, the Red silhouette "Will" is falling in the Upside down world. Will's mother put Christmas lights inside her house, because she hears Will in the walls of her home and he communicates via these lights. Hence, why Zerobriant used Christmas lights as a design element.

As for the artwork, it is a collage. Firstly, Eleven's head in this t-shirt is Purple for the most part. Secondly, The Upside Down is in the bottom half and you can see Will who is colored Red as he falling down into the monsters' lair. Thirdly, the trees are a darker Purple and they grow on top as silhouettes. Fourthly, the stars, bike headlights are very bright. As well as the Christmas lights which are also providing strong contrast. The colors of the Christmas lights are Red, Blue and light Purple. You can't tell by the colors and shading but Eleven's nose has her signature bleed.

This is a fun fan t-shirt design that would be perfect for Comic Con or D&D campaigns.

11 Eleven T-shirt Design by Zerobriant .

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