Childhood Memories As Tee Design Inspiration.

Childhood Memories as tee design inspiration is a no brainer. Think back to when you were a kid. Do you remember the moments that brought you joy? Birthday parties, Christmas, or perhaps camping trips with your family and friends? Or how about your favorite foods and past times as a child? Did you have a favorite superhero or imaginary friend? Basically unlimited material. Something as simple as childhood games like peekaboo, hide and seek, to even building a fort can be translated into a t shirt design that people will actually like and buy. Like The Perfect Chair Fort Tee Design by Jess Fink (shown below) for example.

Childhood Memories As Tee Design Inspiration. The Perfect Chair Fort Tee Design by Jess Fink.

All of these things can be used for graphic design inspiration… even your childhood fears. That’s right even fears. From the boogeyman to some other made up creature can be turned into some cool and twisted designs. Designs don’t always have to be up beat, funny, or cute. There is an entire market for horror and gore. Just look at the monster craze that is running rampant in our streets. Everywhere you turn you will see people ( even kids ) wearing designs relating to zombies and vampires.>And if those can be popular, just imagine what your own warped thoughts can become if you share them with the world.

If fear is not your thing, then you could focus on the goofy moments. Such as the awkwardness one feels while growing up. Including the common misconceptions and questions that come to mind when entering puberty. In other words, designs that we can all relate to in one way or another.

Childhood Memories As Tee Design Inspiration.

We all had good and bad childhood memories, so use them as inspiration. We all went through similar experiences. It is those moments that will make for great design. Just as they continue to be great for movies, songs, and television shows.

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