Designing or Collecting T-Shirts As a Hobby.

You may find that designing or collecting T-Shirts as a hobby to be rewarding and very relaxing.

Designing T-shirts As a Hobby.

Have you ever considered designing T-Shirts as a hobby? We all know that art can be therapeutic, but there is something about designing tees that makes the hobby attractive to people. It could be that it has the potential to earn a profit. Or perhaps it makes the designer feel great when they see someone buy or wear their design. That is something to take pride in after all. But maybe it is deeper than that. It could be the connection that the designer has with the wearer and viewers. Perhaps it is the communication of the message or subject in common that creates an unspoken bond that lasts.

Collecting T-Shirts As A Hobby.

Probably one of the most affordable and practical hobbies of all time is Tee collecting. Especially if the collector wears the tees. It doesn't matter if you collect tees from every establishment you visit such as Hard Rock Cafe or Hooters or every Band you listen to or see live in concert. Signed T-shirts and Limited Edition prints are extremely coveted and sought after.

Tees have a tendency to tell a story. They are a part of history, your history. Whatever you are passionate about there is a tee related to that passion. If you take vacations t-shirts make excellent keepsakes and souvenirs. Perhaps Vintage tees are your thing, believe it or not they can been profitable. Maybe retro tees of brands that you are fond of will bring a smile to your face. Regardless, tees tend to stick in people's memories be it from: a First Date, First Meeting, Last Meeting, a Notable Laugh etc.

So don't ever second guess T-shirts as a Hobby. You are not a weirdo or a freak. You are one of many and every collection is different and unique. In a way we are all tee enthusiasts, unless you are the oddball that wears only Armani suits or polo shirts. So have fun, design and or collect til your heart is content.

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