Other Mediums As Tee Design Inspiration.

Other mediums as Tee design inspiration can be a fantastic source.

Suppose one only works on the computer using programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator and as a result find themselves in a bit of a creative rut. This can slow down current projects and cause one to be late for any deadlines. Stepping away and trying to release some creative energies through other outlets might help. Perhaps attempting to paint with a good old fashioned paint brushes, canvas, acrylics, oil or water colors, and easel set will do the trick.

If that does not sound tempting how about sculpture or pottery? Working three dimensionally not only helps release creative urges but offer new perspectives. There are an abundance of materials that can be used for such a project such as: wood, plastic, metal, clay, glass, rope, trash, and more.

Perhaps photography, try taking a nature hike or go camping and hunting and shoot nature with a telescopic lens rather than with a gun.

Maybe revert to being a child and pull out the crayons and finger paints for some imaginative brainstorming sessions, get the kids involved too as it would be fun for them to join (it would be unfair otherwise for them to see mom or dad playing in finger paints without them).

Though a complete different art form, even getting out a musical instrument can do the trick.

Sometimes though, nothing can beat plain ole pencil and paper. There is just something about the feel of the experience. Take the sketch pad to a museum or a park and draw whatever catches the eyes, and pay attention to the shadows.

Other Mediums As Tee Design Inspiration.

Stepping back from a project to experiment with other artistic mediums can help keep the mind stay fresh and projects interesting. This trick has been helping artists stay inspired since the days of cave paintings.

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