Soft Kitty Tee Design Review.

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Soft Kitty Tee Design by lucky1988

Soft Kitty Tee Design by lucky1988

Reviewed by: Lucky

4 Stars


A cute Soft Kitty Tee design drawn in a cartoon style for fans of the The Big Bang Theory sitcom.

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The Soft Kitty tee design depicts a cute white kitten acting out different and sometimes absurd scenarios to the words of the Soft Kitty song from the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Above the word "Soft", the kitty sits in an ice cream cone. Above the word "Warm", the kitten is wearing military fatigues while wielding a flamethrower. Above the line "Little ball of fur", the cat is coughing up a massive hairball. Above the word "Happy", the feline smiles widely as it stands on a giant fish. Above the word "sleepy", the kitten is passed out from drinking a bottle of milk and a slice of anchovy pizza. Finally above the line "Purr Purr Purr", the kitty is revving the engine of a hot rod.

This will make a great gift for fans of The Big Bang Theory.

While visiting the retailer link you may get the following message. (If so do as it suggests and it should be available again.)

This Shirt is Temporarily Unavailable

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Soft Kitty Tee Design By lucky1988.

The review breakdown is as follows:

Soft Kitty Tee Design
  • Overall Design
  • Size Selection (Most of K4-K12, Women's XL, Men's 3XL)
  • Fabric Blank (Generic Tee)
  • Fabric Material (100% Cotton)
  • Shirt Color Choices (Slate, No Choice)
  • Printing Method (Digital Print)
  • Comfort
  • Price ($11)
  • Customer Service

Bottom Line

The products and retailer Shirt.Woot are definitely high quality with a better price than most of the other Print On Demand services ($8-11 range). Most of their designs are exclusive. The brand of blanks that they use are generic or non-disclosed. While this is not a big deal, it would be nice to know about the fabric brand and their practices. It would also be nice to have fabric color options. As for the printing method, Digital Print or Direct To Garment (DTG) is good but it will fade sooner than the superior old fashioned screen printing technique. We feel that this Soft Kitty Tee is a worthy purchase and therefore should not result in any buyer’s remorse.

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