Stolen Art On TeeChip and Teespring.

TeeChip and Teespring play hosts to art thieves who steal other designers' art. In fact they encourage it. They are profiting big time off of other people's hard work. TeeChip and TeeSpring refuse to acknowledge the flood of artists' complaints and refuse to respect their intellectual property rights. This has been going on for a long while now. Something should be done about it. This is just an introduction to the issue. Over time this post will change as it grows.

TeeFetch takes the side of the designers and the consumers. We are asking that everyone who reads this to boycott TeeSpring and TeeChip for their shady business practices. Let's try to convince Facebook to stop serving their ads and so on.

Here are some links regarding the matter.

Petition to Ban TeeChip From having a Facebook page.

Shame TeeChip

DMCA_That Twitter


Report Copyright Violations shown on Facebook to Facebook Might prove useful to get Teespring's and TeeChip's ads and pages shut down.


If you have had your art stolen and sold by these sites and their users please leave a comment below, tell your story.
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