Starcheology Tee Design by Terry Peppers.

Starcheology Tee Design Review.

The Starcheology tee design is for Star Wars and Indiana Jones fans. Because Harrison Ford is the man.

Imagine if you were an archaeologist and you found what appears to be a fossil or even a piece of ancient artwork with your face on it. Wouldn't that freak you the Hell out? Damn right it would. At first, you'd probably think that you were losing your mind. Then you'd begin to question all of reality itself. Finally, you might fold into the fetal position while sucking your thumb and rocking back and forth telling yourself that everything will be alright.

Starcheology is a nicely illustrated and executed mashup concept. This works especially well since both Han Solo and Indiana Jones are played by the same actor which is Harrison Ford. From the topnotch coloring to the consistent shading, Terry Peppers deserves nothing but praise for this.

The Starcheology design is on children's apparel too so the stories of George Lucas live on for generations. It is perfect for wearing to screenings of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Comic cons and so on and so forth.

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Starcheology Tee Design by Terry Peppers.

 Asphalt is the only fabric color available which also serves as the color. It really is the best color option. The review breakdown is as follows: