Lightsaber Glove Holster Tee Design by glenbrogan.

Lightsaber Glove Holster Tee Design Review.

The Lightsaber Glove Holster tee design is for any aspiring Jedi that lives, eats, and craps Star Wars.

The Lightsaber Glove Holster tee design concept is a fake ad based on the fact that the Jedi are always dropping their Lightsabers during epic battles. As mentioned with the text "Despite being a trained Jedi I was always dropping my Lightsaber, adding dramatic effect to my battles. Thanks, Lightsaber Glove Holster! ~ O.W. Kenobi". The glove is shown to be endorsed by both Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi who each give it a thumbs up approval as seen in the circle insert.

As for the artwork, the design is a cartoon illustration with retro coloring and minor hatching for some minimal shading on select parts. The style looks like it belong on Cartoon Network. The font is done in the Star Wars logo styling.

This Lightsaber Glove Holster tee will make a nice gift for any fan of Star Wars and practicality.

This is a good casual shirt that fits in anywhere but it will a hit at Comic-Cons, Sci-Fi Conventions, and other similar events.

Lightsaber Glove Holster Tee Design by glenbrogan.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. A few dark fabric colors are available depending on the style but Black is the best option due to the space theme with the stars and whatnot. The review breakdown is as follows:

Extra Terrestrials Tee Design by glenbrogan.

Extra Terrestrials Tee Design Review.

The Extra Terrestrials tee design is for fans of all the important pop culture aliens.

The concept for the Extra Terrestrials tee is a parody of the famous E.T. bike and moon scene. It not only includes E.T. but it features; Kang or Kodos from The Simpsons, an infant Metroid, Marvin the Martian, ALF, Spock from Star Trek, Yoda from Star Wars, Nibbler from Futurama, an Invader from Space Invaders, the Xenomorphs Grid from Alien, and The Great Gazoo from The Flintstones. And Let's not forget the panicked Elliot.

As for the artwork, it is all silhouettes with white eyes and minor forced Pink highlights for definition. The illustration is simple and it is easy to make out the details.

The Extra Terrestrials tee with many great franchises from various decades together in one design is a must have shirt for any Sci-Fi fan.

This is a great pop culture shirt that fits in anywhere.

The Extra Terrestrials Tee Design by glenbrogan.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. A few dark fabric colors are available depending on the style. The review breakdown is as follows:

A Very Long Time Ago Tee Design by Vintz.

A Very Long Time Ago Tee Design Review.

The A Very Long Time Ago tee design is for Star Wars and Gremlins fans.

This concept is effing hilarious and clever. If you have ever wondered what the love child of Yoda and an Ewok would look like, this is it. Whether you wanted to think about that or not. But that is not the funniest or even most disturbing part. Check out how creepy Yoda looks with his bulging eyes and old man pipe. It's like viewing one of those post-mortem photos. Add all of those elements together and behold, one of the greatest pop culture tees of all time. If this tee looks familiar, it is because the design used to be sold at Threadless... (Also) a long time ago.

As for the artwork, it is drawn in a cartoon style that is made up to look like an old early photograph from the Victorian Era. Think Conté Crayons on cardboard. The shading and highlights are superb. The facial expressions are on par with damn near all the old time portraits. Probably because people had to be still for a long time for the photographic plates to be exposed. At first, it took roughly 15 minutes. Then just a couple years later it was down to a couple of minutes. Which is still a long time to have to strike a pose. That and people back then were ashamed of their teeth due to the lack of dental care and hygiene. Either way, Vintz nailed it.

This tee is for any Star Wars and Gremlins fans or at least of the cute Mogwai form.

Wear this tee everywhere that tees are appropriate. It would make a great conversation starter at Comic-Cons and Sci-Fi conventions.

A Very Long Time Ago Tee Design by Vintz.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. Dark Chocolate fabric color is mandatory for tees, Black for Sweatshirts. Dark Chocolate is a good choice because it gives the design the nostalgic Sepia photo appearance. The review breakdown is as follows:

In Training Tee by Spiritgreen

In Training Tee Design Review.

The In Training tee design is for true Star Wars fans. Those that aspire to be one with the Force and universe.

Spiritgreen... YODA man, you brought humor to wannabe Jedi everywhere while letting them "get their geek on" in style. You utilized the often neglected Dark si... errr backside of the tee.

Expert artwork through and through. The coloring is light almost like water colors but not quite. Proper shading and added illusions of impressions and textures into the fabric make it look like Master Yoda is actually clutching the tee in order to hold on for dear life. Thinking back about the scenes from the Empire Strikes Back which inspired this tee, I cannot help but think "Yoda the original rape sloth". Now that this tee exists, it is my New Hope that others will as well. That is the Dark side of the Internet, powerful memes that corrupt the galaxy.

The In Training design is on children's apparel too so the tradition of the Force can live on throughout the generations.

While visiting the retailer link you may get the following message. (If so do as it suggests and it should be available again.)

This Shirt is Temporarily Unavailable Sorry, we're not printing this one at the moment. Check back tomorrow when the catalog re-opens.

In Training Tee Design by Spiritgreen.

 Cream is the only fabric color available which also serves as the color of Yoda's threads as well. It really is the best color option. The review breakdown is as follows: