In Training Tee Design Review.


In Training Tee Design by Spiritgreen

In Training Tee Design by Spiritgreen

Reviewed by: Lucky

4 Stars


The In Training tee design is a back of the shirt print featuring Yoda in a backpack with scouts' merit badges for Jedi training completion all over it.

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The In Training tee design is for true Star Wars fans. Those that aspire to be one with the Force and universe.

Spiritgreen... YODA man, you brought humor to wannabe Jedi everywhere while letting them "get their geek on" in style. You utilized the often neglected Dark si... errr backside of the tee.

Expert artwork through and through. The coloring is light almost like water colors but not quite. Proper shading and added illusions of impressions and textures into the fabric make it look like Master Yoda is actually clutching the tee in order to hold on for dear life. Thinking back about the scenes from the Empire Strikes Back which inspired this tee, I cannot help but think "Yoda the original rape sloth". Now that this tee exists, it is my New Hope that others will as well. That is the Dark side of the Internet, powerful memes that corrupt the galaxy.

The In Training design is on children's apparel too so the tradition of the Force can live on throughout the generations.

While visiting the retailer link you may get the following message. (If so do as it suggests and it should be available again.)

This Shirt is Temporarily Unavailable Sorry, we're not printing this one at the moment. Check back tomorrow when the catalog re-opens.

In Training Tee Design by Spiritgreen.

 Cream is the only fabric color available which also serves as the color of Yoda's threads as well. It really is the best color option. The review breakdown is as follows:

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