TShirt Design Inspiration.

TShirt Design Inspiration.

TShirt design inspiration can come from anything. Be it a T.V. show or something that happened to you on your way to work. The thing to do is to write down the idea so that you do not forget it. Then later actually take time to think of the SIMPLEST WAY possible to execute the idea as a design.

If you are stuck in a rut and need tee design ideas or inspiration perhaps making a grid chart can help. Put the subjects that you like as the rows such as TV shows or video games (or both). Then for the columns put some details like the characters and their personalities/powers etc. Go a step further and color code all of the characters based on what color they are or outline then with whatever general shape they are. Now look at the chart. You may see that a mashup of two like colored characters or characters with similar powers would make sense. For example, Pikachu and Wolverine for being Yellow and Black or perhaps Pikachu and Blanka for being electric.

These charts can contain all kinds of information and not necessarily used just for mash ups. Any Subject, Place, Color, etc would be placed in rows and columns. You might end up with a Green bird, a castle, and Pink sky. The point is it can help pull elements together or at least set the thought train down a tangent.

Hopefully you found these tips for Tshirt design inspiration useful. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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