What Makes A Great T-Shirt Design?

What Makes A Great T-Shirt Design?

I have been asked this question many times "What Makes A Great T-shirt Design?". Or "What Makes A Great T-Shirt?" in general. Those are not easy questions to answer by any means. Here are a few thoughts on the subject.

The first thing about finding a great tee design is finding something that you like. If the tee isn't part of the potential wearer's personality and interests in some way then it isn't for them. So look for something that is relatable as for theme. It does not have to be pop culture, trendy, or a mash up for be considered good. Second, the tee should be a conversation starter. If the design doesn't look like it would get a reaction such as a laugh or an odd look then it is probably boring. A tee should keep people's attention for more than a few seconds if it is a good one. Third, a good design is almost NEVER A RECTANGLE PRINT. Rectangles are just lazy and cheap looking. The shirt fabric color should be part of the design not a white or black rectangle that makes the design look like a piece of paper on a tee. With that said for the designers out there... the image should have transparency surrounding the design. There is a reason crappy rectangle designs do not sell. Please see the image below for a good example of how to make a proper tee design (the example is not so great for a black tee but you get the idea).

Sheldon Is Lost Tee Design by RicoMambo - Great T-Shirt design

We should also point out what makes a good shirt blank. It should be comfortable otherwise it's a waste of money. Not to Thick, Not To Thin. It should breathe as to help you stay cool. It should cover all of the torso or it isn't fully functional. If it has a design then it should be fairly durable and not wash off in just a few washings. And that is just some of the considerations. There is a Wall Street Journal article on the topic if anyone is interested that touches on the economics and fashion aspects of the tee.

So there are some brief answers to the question "What Makes A Great T-shirt Design?". Feel free to add more to the topic in the comments below.
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