Why Recycle Tees?

Why Recycle Tees? You may ask. Because I said so that's why. Just kidding. There are many reasons and ways to recycle or better yet upcycle old tees that are actually beneficial to everyone ever involved with the tees. Generation T is a great book on the subject.

Recycle Tees

Recycling T-shirts gives them new life so they are not being wasted and filling up our landfills. This makes the effort that goes into the producing shirt worth while. From the Cotton harvester to the designers that put graphics on the tees. Below is a small list to get the ball rolling.

Ways To Upcycle and Recycle Tees.

  • Turn Shirts Into Dresses
  • Use Tees As Posters
  • Make a Shirt Quilt
  • Turn Tees Into Pillow Cases
  • Tee Shirts Make Great Hand Me Downs
  • Make a Slashed Peek-A-Boo Shirt
  • Convert The Tee Into A One Shoulder Top
  • Make a Pipe Vault Tee Dress
  • Make a Tee Dress With a Cinched Waist
  • Make a Fringed Necklace From The Tee Shirt
  • Make a Skirt From A Shirt
  • Turn The Tee Into A Knotted Scarf
  • Make a Cut Out Top
  • Make a Draped Vest
  • Create A Halter Top From a Shirt
  • Make a Tee Purse or Bag
  • Turn Old ruined Shirts Into Rags
  • Makea Tee-Kini Bikini
  • Create A Produce Bag From A T-Shirt
  • Turn The Tees Into Leggings

One thought on “Why Recycle Tees?

  1. Audrey Kinley says

    I think that would be a cool idea to create a pillow case made from t-shirts. I wonder how often people actually recycle their old clothes. Maybe people remake them and turn them into eco-friendly shirts. That would definitely be something interesting.