Just A Little Paint Tee Design Review.


Just A Little Paint Tee Design by tjost

Just A Little Paint Tee Design by tjost

Reviewed by: Lucky

4 Stars


The Just A Little Paint Tee features a Polar Bear that dipped its legs in black paint to blend in with the pandas.

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Just A Little Paint Tee tee design is for the people that aspire to be something or someone different.

Drawn in the cute cartoon style that tjost is known for consisting of nice shading and highlights. This polar bear just wants to fit in with the pandas. Which requires a lot of effort and paint. At closer inspection, the second panda is disconcerted. It taps the shoulder of the oblivious first panda as the polar bear is infiltrating their turf. The pandas just want to eat bamboo because that is all pandas do. Seriously, look it up. Lazy bastards.

While this tee is cute, it is best not to think too much about the intentions of a design. As one could argue that this is pro-conformity or perhaps showing and poking fun at an identity crisis. But let's just assume that the polar bear just wants to make some new friends or more likely wanting to try some bamboo.

The Just A Little Paint artwork is available on children's apparel which is probably the targeted audience. It will make a good school tee.

Wear this tee anywhere and everywhere with a casual setting such as Panda Express, zoos, coffee shops and Chinatown.

This Shirt is Temporarily Unavailable Sorry, we're not printing this one at the moment. Check back tomorrow when the catalog re-opens.

The Just A Little Paint Tee Design By tjost.

Kelly Green fabric is mandatory, it works as the color of the bamboo jungle so the tee itself becomes the grass and plants. The review breakdown is as follows:

Just A Little Paint Tee Design
  • Overall Design
  • Size Selection (Most of K4-K12, Women's XL, Men's 3XL)
  • Fabric Blank (Generic Tee)
  • Fabric Material (100% Cotton)
  • Shirt Color Choices (Kelly Green, No Choice)
  • Printing Method (Digital Print)
  • Comfort
  • Price ($11)
  • Customer Service

Bottom Line

The products and retailer Shirt.Woot are definitely high quality with a better price than most of the other Print On Demand services ($8-11 range). Most of their designs are exclusive. The brand of blanks that they use are generic or non-disclosed. While this is not a big deal, it would be nice to know about the fabric brand and their practices. It would also be nice to have fabric color options. As for the printing method, Digital Print or Direct To Garment (DTG) is good but it will fade sooner than the superior old fashioned screen printing technique. We feel that this Just A Little Paint Tee is a worthy purchase and therefore should not result in any buyer’s remorse.

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