Le Rage Shirts Tee Brand Review.

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Le Rage Shirts Tee Brand

Le Rage Shirts Tee Brand

Reviewed by: Lucky

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Review of the Le Rage Shirts tee brand. Le Rage Shirts sells high quality Screen Printed pop culture themed shirts. 

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Le Rage Shirts Brand is one of the newer companies on the interwebs. Their designs are mostly pop culture parodies and mashups but you can find memes, gym, music, and other topics as well.

As for the Print Quality, the prints are vibrant. Being traditionally screen printed the ink has good coverage and thickness. If the tees are washed inside out in cold water with mild detergent (No Bleach or Harsh Chemicals) and dried on low or allowed to air dry the designs should last years.

The shirt fabric is roomy and soft. It contours to the body more so than the box style cuts that most brands use.

And for the sizing, Adult sizes Small to 2XL are available in both Mens/Unisex and Ladies Tees.

Le Rage Shirts Interview:

How did Le Rage Shirts get started and what is your brand all about?

We started this company because as Geeks and Trend Lovers our favorite graphic Tees just weren't lasting as long as we wanted to love them for. We found a way to do something about it so that way our favorite shirts never have to go out of style. By staying in the trends and setting our own all whilst never compromising on quality; we knew there would be people out there just like us looking for the same things, and we were right.

What are the Le rage Shirts ideals?

That one is easy. Quality. Our products must meet each and every one of our standards or we simply won't sell them or send them out. That means nothing that chips, fades, stretches, rips, cracks, peels, or shrinks. We want your shirt to feel and look the same way a year from now as when you first received it. Lastly, we look for designs that will make you smile, nostalgic, laugh, show off your total geek obsession, or simply something that will be memorable years from now.

Who designs the tees?

We have a small, tight knit group of designers (all nerds I might add). A few of them are local, and the rests are artists from around the world we really admired and wanted to work with and support.

What inspires the tees?

Our Artists source and feed their creativity from the world around them. Typically I'd say a lot of it stems from pop culture, whether that means its music, movies, books, TV shows or what have you; we just want our designs to be easily recognizable, understood, and enjoyed.

How would you classify the tees/designs?

The classification of our products usually depends on the subject or category of the design; and we supply a wide range: Zombie Shirts, Super Hero Tees, Gym Tanks, Video Game, Galactic, Memes, Holiday, Movies... and Etc. Regardless of topic, we classify all our products as higher end versions because our materials are top of the line and everything is done by hand. That is something our competitors can't say.

What Shipping options do you offer?

We supply our customers with free world wide shipping as well as expedited options.

Any of information you'd like me to include and disclose about your brand.

It is important to us that our customers know how much love and care goes into each order. Everything is hand made, inspected, and packaged so that we avoid as many errors as humanly possible, We really do our best to strive for perfection where ever possible.

Le Rage Shirts Brand.

The review breakdown of their Screen Printed products are as follows:

Le Rage Shirts Brand
  • Fabric Material: Tees 100% Cotton (Pre-Shrunk)
  • Fabric Blank: (District)
  • Printing Method: Screen Print
  • Print Quality and Durability
  • Size Selection (Women's S - 2XL, Unisex S - 2XL,)
  • Customer Service
  • Product Range: Tees, Posters, Mugs, Throw Pillows
  • Price (Tees $19.95 Lower for Sale)
  • Fabric Color Choices: Depends on the design.
  • Coupon Code “TEEFETCH10” save 10% off regularly priced items

Bottom Line

The products and retailer Le Rage Shirts are high quality with a fair price. Their designs are exclusive. The brand of blanks that they use is District for tees. They are soft blanks. The fit runs larger than expected from our experience so keep that in mind. There are Regular Mens (Unisex) and Ladies tee available. The sizing ranges from Small to 2XL. The garments have tear-away tags. As for the printing method, they use Screen Printing technique. They have excellent ink coverage and colors. We feel that their products are a worthy purchase and therefore should not result in any buyer’s remorse.

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