Leaving Home Sweatshirt Design by alnavasord

Leaving Home Sweatshirt Design Review.

The Leaving Home sweatshirt features a fully beautifully grown tree with black birds flying out. People who love the outdoors and nature will love this magnificent design.

The concept is that baby birds are leaving the nest. The birds fleeing the tree might represent the human spirit being set free on some level of symbolism.

As for the artwork, It isn't detailed but rather blotched and smudged. Blue is an interesting color for the tree, which makes me think that it is Japanese. The elements work well together to bring this artsy expression to life. The streaked ground design element I am at a lost for words but it looks cool to say the least.

And for the print, it turned out average for the industry standard.

Leaving Home Design By alnavasord .

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Baseball Tee, Phones Cases, Art Prints. A Few color choices are available depending on what style is chosen.The review breakdown is as follows:

Wanderer Hoodie Design Review.

The Wanderer hoodie is based on the beauty of nature. Anyone who loves the outdoors will enjoy this hoodie!

The concept is the old phrase "Not All Who Wander Are Lost", which means some choose to isolate themselves. The other key component is the underlying message that you have to enjoy nature and it's beauty. There's Eureka moment where you see the scenery, and it over takes you. In the picture there are some birds soaring above the fantastic mountains and pine trees. There is a sense of serenity just looking at the hoodie.

As for the artwork, the design is DISTRESSED. The sunset and the mountains compliment one another. Dark Red, Orange and Yellow are the colors of the sunset. The mountain are White which must mean snow. The overview of the whole thing is breathtaking.

And for the print, it turned out average for the industry standard. The colors are a bit muted but with the distressed style, it just adds to the effect.

Wanderer Design By LostGods.

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Baseball Tee, Phones Cases, Art Prints. Many color choices are available depending on what style is chosen.The review breakdown is as follows:

Martians Coming Tee Design

Martians Coming Tee Design Review.

This Martians Coming tee design is for the alien buffs. Especially if the wearer happens to be an empowered woman. This shirt will make a great gift for any Sci-Fi fan.

The concept is to show an excited girl on a roof during an alien invasion. As for the UFOS, their intention is uncertain. But it is a really cool and powerful scene regardless.

Now for the artwork, the girl on the roof takes center stage as UFOS are hovering above. First, you will notice that this is mostly Black, Blue, and Purple. Thus, giving the design lots of contrast. The black being the filled in by the tee itself. The second thing you might notice is action, light beams coming down, pets in the window. Also there are a birds flying in the distance and cats on the roof. Finally, the emotions take effect, that girl is brave welcoming the Martians.

As for the Print, this turned out well. It is not 100% to the thumbnail but it is close enough as variations in monitor settings can effect digital images.

Martians Coming Tee Design by Moncheng.

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Baseball Tee, Phones Cases, Art Prints. Black is the only color option. The review breakdown is as follows:

A Musical Night Tee Design by Moncheng.

A Musical Night Tee Design Review.

The A Musical Night tee design is for the music lovers and pianists as well as people that like birds.

The concept for the A Musical Night is to show a girl playing the piano via silhouettes against a beautiful sky through a window. The effect is dramatic and inspiring. The sun is going down and the stars are coming out. There are birds perched on the window. Birds are often symbolic for souls or spirits. They seem to be entranced by the girls playing.

As for the artwork, the colors used in the design are appropriately enough in the Blue spectrum, against the Black fabric the contrast is high. The composition and layout is what makes this design great. Think balance, harmony, and sky. This tee looks good from a fair distance as well as from up close. The details of the trees and some stars take the imagery to a whole new level. Far more than solid colors do which is what most people would tend to do. One could only wonder what song the girl is playing. Is it luring the birds as if she was Snow White? It is easy to get lose yourself in the artwork.

The A Musical Night Tee is one of the more artistic tees reviewed on this site. It is perfect for musicians and people that like scenery. If you know someone that likes the piano consider this as a gift.

A Musical Night Tee Design By Moncheng.

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Phones Cases, Art Prints. Black is the only fabric color choice and for good reason. The review breakdown is as follows:

Animals As Tee Designs and Inspiration.

Moon Gazer Tee, Animals As Tee Designs

From furry beasts to insects, animals as tee designs are some of the best looking T-shirts out there. Mankind has been inspired by and borrowing design patterns from the animal kingdom for ages. Think of leopard and zebra prints in the fashion world and other markets. Think of the honeycomb patterns and sharkskin texture we utilize in our construction and aerodynamic industries. Designers and inventors look at nature, especially the animal kingdom when looking for fresh and innovative ideas. They do this in search of patterns, colors, and textures. Often combing one elements from one animal with another. Like the pattern of a snake skin with the texture of a feather or fur.

Sometimes it’s what animals make from bird nests, to spiderwebs that catch the imagination. If it wasn’t for a fly walking upside down on a ceiling then Stan Lee would had never came up with Spider-Man.

The fashion market, though seemingly overcrowded, is full of: frogs, sharks, kittens, wolves, etc., on all sorts of apparel especially t-shirts and there is always room for more. If one was so inclined to make their own version of the same or create something completely new it would fit in well with the others.

Individual components of the animals make just as much of an impact as the complete animals, perhaps even more so. From paw prints to a single eye, the moods and themes are almost limitless. Snakes and spiders tend to provoke fear, birds such as hawks instill that preciseness and power. Think of school and corporate mascots. There are reasons these animals were chosen, that reason is their symbolism.

Animals As Tee Designs and Inspiration.

So whatever the mood and objective desired, there is an animal that will represent what needs conveyed. Take a walk around your own neighborhood and see how animals interact with each other and you. Search online for more exotic and even dangerous animals. The inspiration you seek will strike you as soon as you lay eyes on the animal that will be the mold for your next design.

Ultimate Link Tee Design by Fernando Sala.

Ultimate Link Tee Design Review.

The Ultimate Link tee design is a crossover design that plays on the rivalry between Link and the hive minded cuccos (chickens) of Hyrule. Even though in the games Link gets what he deserves for instigating the violence.

The concept is funny but dark and twisted. Link hates cuccos so damn much that he takes out his anger and frustration against all birds. Hence the appearance of two of the most famous fictional avian characters Angry Birds and Big Bird in the cross over. With the Master Sword and Hylian shield, Link has slain them in cold blood.

As for the artwork, it is good and sports a green monotone color scheme like an old school game boy game. The shading is a little inconsistent as Link has relatively none at least on his skin and clothing. That and he doesn't cast a shadow over the corpses. Sure there are some hatched and filled in areas like inside the hat, the back of the shield and in his ear for example but his left side of his face should have some shading. Perhaps to emphasize Link and his living essence more than the other characters. Other than that it is drawn rather well and is a different take on the character so no points are removed for the shading in this case.

This is a demented but funny Zelda themed tee that fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise would like, at least the angry ones. By that statement, I am not condoning that anger is good and people should attack animals and Muppets as that behavior is wrong.

This is good gaming shirt that is meant to make Link's fans laugh.

Ultimate Link Tee Design by Fernando Sala.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Long Sleeve Tees and Tank Tops. Many fabric colors are available. The review breakdown is as follows:

Cucco Sriracha Tee by Blair Campbell

Cucco Sriracha Tee Design Review.

The Cucco Sriracha tee design is a Legend of Zelda fan and foodie dream tee.

It depicts a cucco from the Legend of Zelda universe as the logo for a mashup with the famous Sriracha sauce which would typically show a rooster instead.

If you are like most food geeks then you are probably familiar with the Sriracha Sauce brand and more than likely you put in on everything. Either to improve something's flavor, to give it a kick, or to hide the taste of the actual food.

If you are a Hyrulian, then you know that you do not mess with the Cucco, cause they will eff you up quicker than anything else in the game. Those birds aren't chicken, they are fierce and full of fowl play.

The art is clean, simple and spot on. The phrases on the label add to the Hyrulian fun. Such as "Do not Hit", "Don't Shake", "Anju the Cucco Lady Inc." and "Kakkariko Village, Hyrule".

Blair Campbell, executed this design flawlessly and must be a fan of both franchises.

At first glance, people might actually miss that this is a Legend of Zelda reference as it mashed up so perfectly it passes as the legit Sriracha sauce.

Cucco Sriracha Tee Design.

Is available on: Tees. Red fabric color is mandatory and it is the only color that will work with this design. The review breakdown is as follows: