Cucco Sriracha Tee Design Review.

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Cucco Sriracha Tee Design by Blair Campbell

Cucco Sriracha Tee Design by Blair Campbell

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Cucco Sriracha tee design depicts a mashup of the Hyrulian Cucco and Sriracha Sauce with game references instead of the standard Sriracha Sauce text.

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The Cucco Sriracha tee design is a Legend of Zelda fan and foodie dream tee.

It depicts a cucco from the Legend of Zelda universe as the logo for a mashup with the famous Sriracha sauce which would typically show a rooster instead.

If you are like most food geeks then you are probably familiar with the Sriracha Sauce brand and more than likely you put in on everything. Either to improve something's flavor, to give it a kick, or to hide the taste of the actual food.

If you are a Hyrulian, then you know that you do not mess with the Cucco, cause they will eff you up quicker than anything else in the game. Those birds aren't chicken, they are fierce and full of fowl play.

The art is clean, simple and spot on. The phrases on the label add to the Hyrulian fun. Such as "Do not Hit", "Don't Shake", "Anju the Cucco Lady Inc." and "Kakkariko Village, Hyrule".

Blair Campbell, executed this design flawlessly and must be a fan of both franchises.

At first glance, people might actually miss that this is a Legend of Zelda reference as it mashed up so perfectly it passes as the legit Sriracha sauce.

Cucco Sriracha Tee Design.

Is available on: Tees. Red fabric color is mandatory and it is the only color that will work with this design. The review breakdown is as follows:

Cucco Sriracha Tee Design
  • Overall Design
  • Size Selection (Womens S - XL, Men's S - 2 XL)
  • Fabric Blank (Generic: Men's, Women's)
  • Fabric Material (100% Cotton Tee, 50/50 and Tri-Blend)
  • Shirt Color Choices (Red)
  • Printing Method (Screen Print)
  • Comfort
  • Price ($12 for Adult Tee Types)
  • Customer Service

Bottom Line

The products and retailer Busted Tees are high quality at fair prices such as $20 for a tee, $40 for a hoodie (with “On-sale” and “Clearance” prices ranging from $8-$12 per tee). As for the tees, the generic blanks are average in comfort and durability. The fabric material is whatever they have pre-printed on and there is no choice on the consumer’s part. As for the printing method, they use the superior old fashioned screen printing technique.

Since they are screen printed, this means that usually there is no choice of a fabric color, what you see is all that there is for this design.

On the downside, their size selection is rather limited and the big and tall tend to miss out on some great shirts. Women might want to consider ordering a men’s tee.

Overall, we feel that this Cucco Sriracha tee design is a worthy purchase and therefore should not result in any buyer’s remorse.

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