Tales From Beyond The Wall Tee Review.

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Tales From Beyond The Wall Tee Design by Atomic Rocket

Tales From Beyond The Wall Tee Design by Atomic Rocket

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Tales From Beyond The Wall tee design features a Jon Snow inspired Comic Book cover where he and Ghost come face to face with a White Walker.

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TheĀ Tales From Beyond The Wall tee design is for Game of Thrones fans and those that grew up with comic books especially ones like Tales From The Crypt and other pulp classics.

The concept for the Tales From Beyond The Wall tee design centers around everyone's favorite bastard Jon Snow, his direwolf Ghost and the White Walkers. But like any great comic book be it from Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, Vertigo, or whatever the mock cover is full of suspense and branding. "Stark Publishing House" is a good way to include the Stark name into the design as a show reference. The "December 1st") date is a "Winter Is Coming" nod. The fake barcode is a nice realistic touch. And the True to life "1st Epic Issue!!!" cover eye sore helps make it believable as a real comic entitled "Tales From Beyond The Wall!!!".

As far as the artwork, it has a strange style like DC meets Archie. Nothing drawn dynamically but enough color and shading (though inconsistent) to get the job done. Atomic Rocket did a good job making it look like winter you can see Jon's breath. It is a bit too cartoonish for my blood but some people do not like more realistic looking art in their comic books.

Team Jon Snow would dig this tee. With that stated, this is a fun Game of Thrones inspired tee that those rooting for the Starks or that are mostly only interested in the bigger picture issue would enjoy.

Tales From Beyond The Wall Tee Design by Atomic Rocket.

Is available on T-shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. White Fabric Color is mandatory, more color options would had been nice. The review breakdown is as follows:

Tales From Beyond The Wall Tee Design
  • Overall Design
  • Size Selection (Women's S -2 XL, Men's S - 6 XL)
  • Fabric Blank (Hanes Regular Tees, Next Level Long Sleeve, more brands and styles)
  • Fabric Material (100% Cotton)
  • Shirt Color Choices (White)
  • Printing Method (Digital Print Done Right)
  • Comfort
  • Price (Tees $15.95 Sale -19.95 Normal, $29.95 Long Sleeve, $45-50 Hoodies )
  • Customer Service

Bottom Line

The products and retailer Neatoshop are definitely high quality with a better price than most of the other Print On Demand services ($15.95 – $19.95 range for Tees, $29.95 for Long Sleeves, $45-50 for Hoodies). Most of the designs can be found elsewhere but the color and print quality will be weak in comparison. The brand of blanks that they use are Hanes and Next Level from the samples that I’ve seen, they have others depending on the color and style. It is nice to have fabric color options as each design usually has a few choices to choose from, so that is a major plus. There are plenty of sizes and styles as well. As for the printing method, they use the Digital Print or Direct To Garment (DTG) technique. Their methods with their printer are as close as possible to the traditional Screen Printed results. This means that their ink is laid on thick and their ink colors are bold and not muted like it is at most of their Print On Demand competitors. That is a big deal so the print method gets a 5 star rating, especially when taking the price into consideration. We feel that this Tales From Beyond The Wall Tee is a worthy purchase and therefore should not result in any buyer’s remorse.

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