Fried Cuccos Tee Design Review.

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Fried Cuccos Tee Design by Buby87.

Fried Cuccos Tee Design by Buby87.

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Fried Cuccos tee design features a Bob's Big Boy and Link mashup.

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TheĀ Fried Cuccos tee design is for the Americana and Memorabilia collectors that are also fond of The Legend of Zelda video games. It brings the two worlds and eras together creating something somewhat nostalgic. KFC would had made more sense but that parody or mashup has been done already numerous times. So a little overlooking is needed to appreciate this tee.

The concept is to have Link while holding up a fried chicken leg while standing in the famous Bob's Big Boy burger chain's Big Boy pose shown below. Of course we all know the cuccos are nothing to mess with and Link could never ever end up killing one. This is more of a wishful thinking type of design.

Bob's Big Boy Statue

As for the artwork, it is clean and simple. The coloring is appropriate for being a Link themed tee. the character likeness is good. There is no shading and it really isn't needed. Link looks a little scuffed up with some facial blemishes and feathers in his hair. Probably from fighting the Cuccos.

This Fried Cuccos tee will make a great for any Zelda fan, especially if they happen to like Bob's Big Boy.

This is a fun design to be worn at any setting or event.

Fried Cuccos Tee Design by Buby87

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