Brain Invaders Tee Design Review.

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Brain Invaders Tee Design by Naolito.

Brain Invaders Tee Design by Naolito.

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Brain Invaders tee design features a mash up of Space Invaders and Futurama .

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The Brain Invaders tee design is for Futurama fans and those that have fond memories of arcade games.

The Brain Invaders concept is a mash up that includes the 80's child Philip J. Fry. He is playing the Space Invaders arcade game (with the Planet Express Ship "Bessie" shown on the bottom) as a space invader is attached to his head like a Brain Slug. The Brain Slugs being a reoccurring character/creature thoughout the Futurama series. On a deeper level it pokes fun of how people are mind controlled in a hypnotic trance like state when playing video games or even while watching television.

As for the artwork, the style is not that of Futurama but rather it is reimagined in some other cartoon style that uses Black eyes. The coloring is nothing short of awesome and is Futurama appropriate. The shading is decent as well with light from the screen shining on Fry's face.

This Brain Invaders tee sums up Fry's generation well. This design is funny and suitable as a Futurama tee as any Earthican would agree.

Brain Invaders Tee Design by Naolito.

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