Hard Adventure Tee Design Review.

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Hard Adventure Tee Design by Vinsse.

Hard Adventure Tee Design by Vinsse.

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Hard Adventure Tee design features struggling to carry all of his gear on his back.

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TheĀ Hard Adventure tee design is for the realists and The Legend of Zelda fans.

The concept is based on the fact that Link from The Legend of Zelda video game series obtains a bunch of items during his quest. However, you never see him carrying this massive inventory. No magic bag of holding... nothing. Here Navi flying is above him, useless as always, as he carries: The Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Pegasus Boots, Health Potions, Quiver and Bow, Sling Shot, Bombs, Ocarina of Time, Hookshot, Fishing Pole, Net and the Magic Hammer on his back. And those are just the items that we can see in this design. In the games there are even more items. While this isn't the first design to play on this concept it is one of the best ones as far as the artwork.

As for the artwork, its coloring area bit dark and I guess be classified as "muddy". This adds to the vibe of struggle. This is typical of Vinsse's work. The shading is just as dark and gritty. The illustration is worthy enough to be featured in the Zelda games themselves. People will laugh and feel sorry for Link at the same time.

This Hard Adventure tee will make a nice gift for any Legend of Zelda fan and it is a good gaming shirt that is bound to get some laughs.

Hard Adventure Tee Design by Vinsse.

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