Intensive Care Unit Tee Design Review.


Intensive Care Unit Tee Design by Alberto Arni.

Intensive Care Unit Tee Design by Alberto Arni.

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Intensive Care Unit tee design features a truer to life illustration of Mario in a hospital bed getting an I.V. drip of 1 UP mushroom.

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TheĀ Intensive Care Unit tee design is for the Mario fans that want a little reality added to their game references.

Lava Burn Ward Tee Design by ROCKHART

The concept is that Mario is always injured and must need some kind of healthcare and medicine. He always gets his cherished 1 Up Mushroom to give him back his life or to get extra lives. It is not 100% original as you can see the Lave Burn Ward tee also exist by another artist called ROCKHART (shown above). This Alberto Arni version however, takes a more realistic approach. Look at the perspective and details to see what I mean. The foot of the bed is foreshortened. Mario (implied by the 1 Up Mushroom and the mustache) has 5 O'clock shadow.

As for the artwork, It has a "Pleasentville"/"Sin City" type of effect where one tiny bit of the entire image is in color while the rest is in Black and white. It emphasizes the main point of the gag. The shading isn't 100% perfect as some things have shadows on the right, other things have it on the left. If the shading were consistent it would get a 5 stars but it's not so overall the design gets a 3.5 stars.

Adult Mario fans would enjoy having this tee in their collection. It is a bit too morbid for kids.

It is a good casual tee to wear anywhere or at any event that features Nintendo or gaming in general.

Intensive Care Unit Tee Design by Alberto Arni.

Is available on T-shirts. White and Silver colored fabric are the only choices.

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