North Park Tee Design Review.

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North Park Tee Design by Theduc.

North Park Tee Design by Theduc.

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The North Park tee design features Eric, Stan, Kenny and Kyle from South Park as Game of Thrones characters Sam Tarly, a White Walker, corpse and Jon Snow.

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TheĀ North Park tee design is for the Game of Thrones and South Park fans. Even though South Park did a mean parody of Game of Thrones in the Black Friday episode making fun of it (like they do everything else). This mash up parody is just as funny and awesome.

The concept is simply re-imagining the four main South Park kids and their school bus stop with a Night's Watch theme. Of course fatass Cartman is Samwell Tarly, Kyle as a White Walker (the angry eyes is definitely Kyle), Kenny as a corpse and Stan as Jon Snow. The South Park sign has been replaced with a North Park sign for more of a Game of Thrones vibe.

As for the artwork, the style is emulating South Park's style flawlessly. The colors and lack of shading couldn't be a better a match. The layout is taken from any bus stop scene featuring the South Park boys. The way the Game of Thrones character likenesses were applied does both franchises justice. The true to shows' facial expressions make this design what it is, had any of that been changed the design would had sucked. The crappy looking South Park style raven even fits in nicely fora smooth transition.

This North Park tee will make a nice gift for the Game of Throne fans (especially of Jon Snow).

Wear this tee to Comic-Cons and fantasy conventions. This is a fifty fifty mash up so fans of both franchises will be happy to add this to their collections. This probably isn't appropriate as school clothes for children though since both South Park and Game of Thrones are meant for mature audiences.

North Park Tee Design by Theduc.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops, Posters, Dog T-shirts and Crewnecks. As for the fabric color options there are many choices but no Black for this particular design. The review breakdown is as follows:

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